The Story of the World Institute of Pain

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PREVIEW - READ "In Memoriam", Preface and Foreward

This book summarizing the history of the World Institute of Pain (WIP) draws on both the evolution of this society and the changes in pain medicine over the past two decades.

This perspective is important for upcoming generations to understand in order to face the many challenges in healthcare and the treatment of pain that continue to confront the world.

- From the Foreward (by Maarten van Kleef, MD, PhD, FIPP & Jan Van Zundert, MD, PhD, FIPP)

For more than 20 years, the World Institute of Pain (WIP) has worked tirelessly to promote
its three-fold mission: informing clinical physicians about the need for standards in adequate pain management; developing quality controls in pain management; and most importantly, increasing training for new pain management physicians.

This book is a way to commemorate the WIP’s activities and document its progress towards those goals.

We hope that all the future WIP members and practicing pain physicians will obtain a copy of this book to reflect back on the dedicated work of the pain physicians in this society.

also hope that our story inspires future pain physicians to pursue new breakthroughs in this crucial field


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