The WIP family remembers Founder Prithvi Raj


     Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Somewhere in India

Where we did not know

Where will never know

Born a child known as Raj

How he grew

How he lived

How he got young

How he got handsome

How he fell in love

We will never know

But I know

How he went to England

Just with a heavy bag

Carrying his life

Just with a few pounds

That’s how his story began

How many places up and down

Norway, England, States

From orthopedics to anesthesia

From anesthesia to pain medicine

From blades to needles

How he was obliged to use

Using the needle as a sword

A sword of knights

But to heal people

First time I met

At the age of sixties,

Exactly at my age now

A Viking sailing to the oceans

Seeking for young sailors

I was lucky to be one of the very few

We sailed towards the oceans

Only with winds blowing

He was the captain of our dreams

Dreaming more than any of us

Marching towards the winds

A stubborn sailor never stopping

The winds very blowing

But we never surrendered

Although painful, sometimes very painful

We sailed to conquer the sun

We wrote songs together

We sang songs together

Sometimes very cheerful

Sometimes very sad

We loved the storms

We hugged the storms

Not easy but joyful

Times have passed

We laughed together

We cried together

We shouted together

As much as we could

But never hated

We were fathers and sons

Sons sometimes don’t understand fathers

But father waited in patient

Just a day before

He decided to sign his destiny

With the oath of all holy judges

Of all religions

We said farewell

We hug in souls

From thousands of miles away

No one could hear

No one could see

I very well know

It is the same for all sailors in our holy boat

The ashes were raining in the blowing wind

Every tiny one into our brains

Hey Raj Hey Raj

You are everywhere now

Not only one year after

In every drop we drain From the rain

Dear Serdar,

I am so touched by your soulful writing of the friendship you shared, the ups and the downs. I can feel it comes from the heart.

Thank you,

Susan Raj

"Raj had a way of becoming part of you - how could we have anything else for our friend Prithvi Raj but respect, gratitude and recognition..." Gabor Racz

"My feelings and  thoughts celebrate the loving life and scientific achievements of our Mentor. Prithvi Raj lives onto our hearts. So many patients benefitted of his knowledge and how proud we feel of sharing the experience and life with such distinguished human being. I am sharing my love and profound recognition to him with his beloved family, friends and alumni." - Ricardo Ruiz-Lopez

All are born human, but a very few as the reflection of God, flesh and bone he wore. Appeared as Raj. Now has become a plant growing and flourishing in our hearts,
in our brains forever; reappearing in our souls." - Serdar Erdine

Raj Memorial Day – 27th of February!

"Thank you all to remember our guide, founding father, teacher and friend! His example should always be in our minds.  His heritage should be transferred to the next generations of young doctors, who are willing or are called to serve the suffering of human mankind. Best to all!" – Kris Vissers


"Time is passing like blowing in the wind. Raj lives in our hearts and every day we remember him. His thoughts his vision what we have learned from him keeps him with us until eternity. May leave in peace. Best regards first to the Family, and to all." – Serdar Erdine


"So many memories of our dear friend and also the other chosen ones. I agree about the meaningful role that he has in our lives and the life of so many others. May God bless his family and his soul." – Gabor Racz


"Raj’s memories remain with us all.  Under our current president, WIP has had a good year and has passed the test of continuing in our founder’s tradition the goals, mission, and aspirations he desired of us.  2016 was a good year and I believe there are many more to come if we continue to work together in the spirit of Raj." – Richard Rauck


"I always feel the greatness of Dr Raj .He initiated local, regional, international & proceeded for a charity global foundation. He taught me directly (as early as 1998 in Cairo, 2000 cadaveric in San Francisco ) & indirectly (interventional books, clear vision, elegant behavior, refined integrity & major career support ). He has been beyond doubt after the progress of interventional pain worldwide & contributed a lot to the academic knowledge. My regards to Suzan ,Maya & all family & friends members" - Magdi Ramzi Iskander


"Raj' life and professionalism has highlighted most of us. He was not just a Mentor. He was the example to follow. With his support many initiatives were organized and realized. His peerless ability to write of the scientific aspects of Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia has represented one of the most important way for the majority of us to grow up in the knowledge. His memory will always be in my heart, as (I am sure) it will be for all of his Alumni." – Giustino Varrassi

"I will always be inspired and grateful for his friendship, loyalty, kindness, and commitment to a humanistic approach to medicine, and to life. I feel fortunate to have shared so many years and special moments with him as a teacher and a friend. RIP Prithvi."  – Ira Fox

Really miss you Sir Prithvi Raj. – Laxmaiah Manchikanti

Raj will always be our Great mentor and will always be alive in our hearts and minds. – Athina Vadalouca

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